West LA Car Wash & House of Grill

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West LA Car Wash & House of Grill is a leader in the Car Wash & Food Industry in Los Angeles!
We provide 100% HAND WASH, which means your car will be washed by our trained crew.  Because we care about your car and want to give you the best experience, we DO NOT push your car through the rail that most car washes use, so we protect your reams from scratches.  We also offer high quality DETAILING services at a very low cost!

And while we give your car the best "Car Spa Treatment" its ever had, we invite you to sit down and relax in our House of Grill Restaurant where you'll find a great variety of delicious meals.
We also have FREE WiFi so you can stay connected!!! 
 ...And this is why you should make West LA Car Wash & House of Grill your first choice.  So come by and visit us TODAY!!!

We also invite you to participate in our
for a chance to win a FREE 100% Hand Wash